Monday, April 23, 2018

WHSD Lives Well!

The Woodland Hills Live Well After School Program was recently featured in the Live Well Allegheny newsletter. You can see the article here:

Thank you to our School Nurses, Faculty and Staff for instilling the importance of healthy living in our students!

Monday, April 2, 2018

WHSD Students Learn about their Communities

By Blog Contributors

On Friday, February 23, 2018, Woodland Hills seniors had the opportunity to learn about their community. The twelve communities that comprise Woodland Hills were represented, and students had the opportunity to met with community leaders, local historians and elected officials in small groups to learn about their town. 

Senior Olivia Kunkel recounted what she learned:
"I am from Turtle Creek so I was with people from Turtle Creek. That included Coach Damico and Dr. Damico. I have lived in Turtle Creek my whole life, but I did not know any of the history. I found these sessions very useful and interesting. I learned so much. 
"We learned that Turtle Creek originally was built very low to the ground. Everything was one level. They ended up having to actually build the city up due to flooding from the creek. Turtle Creek still has a lot of flooding today. Every time is rains my basement floods. I can not even imagine what the floods would have been like if they did not build the city up. 
"The most interesting part of this community day to me was learning how much Turtle Creek has changed. We started as a small town and have grown so much. We have so many small businesses, we have a different church for everyone, and we have so many different people living here. It’s very interesting to see how diverse such a small community has become."

Presenters and students alike spoke positively about the experience. Senior 
Sacoyia Bennett said of the session: "This was a good experience and I hope this event continues for everybody after me can learn about the neighborhood they live in like I learned about mine."

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Woodland Hills Intermediate Goes to the Opera!

By Marty Sharp, Woodland Hills Intermediate

WHI 4th graders attended the Pittsburgh Festival Opera’a production of Goldie B. Locks and the Three Singing Bears at Arsenal Middle School Theatre on Wednesday, March 7th. The students were treated to a 45 minute performance featuring the music of Mozart and Offenbach. Following the production, they had an opportunity to question the performers and opera staff. 

Monday, March 12, 2018

Pittsburgh Festival Opera Visits Woodland Hills Intermediate

By Marty Sharp, Technology Coach

Valerie Hosler from the Pittsburgh Festival Opera stopped by to prepare our 4th Graders for their field trip to see “Goldie” a Pittsburgh operatic version of the fairytale classic the Three Bears. 

Friday, March 9, 2018

High School Living Well Team Visits Wilkins Primary

by: Tajiley Blye   Grade 12

On Thursday February 22, The Woodland Hills Jr. Sr. High School’s, Living Well Team hosted a “Family Living Well Night” at Wilkins Primary School.

The purpose of the event was to help the younger students form lifelong healthy habits in a fun environment.

There were seven “Stations” that the students could visit. Students sampled a variety of apples and vote on which was their favorite.

They played a game called “Strong Food/ Weak Food” where they could place foods into categories of foods healthy for them and foods that aren’t too good for them. There was also a game where they could look under a black light where they were able to look at the germs on their hand, then again after washing-germs all gone!

Students did a sunscreen experiment to see how skin is affected with and without it.

Jump roping for your heart was enjoyed along with line dancing.

Once students had their “Passports” stamped from all the stations they receive “Game On – Living Well Healthy Challenge” Tee- shirts. Little to say we all had a great time.

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Millionaire Book Club Returns!

by Marty Sharp, Woodland Hills Intermediate

WHSD Elementary students celebrated reading at the first meeting of the 2018 Millionaire Book Club.  Kindergarten through sixth grade students are challenged to read a million words over the course of the next three months.  Parents and children enjoyed games, refreshments, and “make-it take-it”  activities.  Each participant also received a book courtesy of the Millionaire Book Club.