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Monday, April 2, 2018

WHSD Students Learn about their Communities

By Blog Contributors

On Friday, February 23, 2018, Woodland Hills seniors had the opportunity to learn about their community. The twelve communities that comprise Woodland Hills were represented, and students had the opportunity to met with community leaders, local historians and elected officials in small groups to learn about their town. 

Senior Olivia Kunkel recounted what she learned:
"I am from Turtle Creek so I was with people from Turtle Creek. That included Coach Damico and Dr. Damico. I have lived in Turtle Creek my whole life, but I did not know any of the history. I found these sessions very useful and interesting. I learned so much. 
"We learned that Turtle Creek originally was built very low to the ground. Everything was one level. They ended up having to actually build the city up due to flooding from the creek. Turtle Creek still has a lot of flooding today. Every time is rains my basement floods. I can not even imagine what the floods would have been like if they did not build the city up. 
"The most interesting part of this community day to me was learning how much Turtle Creek has changed. We started as a small town and have grown so much. We have so many small businesses, we have a different church for everyone, and we have so many different people living here. It’s very interesting to see how diverse such a small community has become."

Presenters and students alike spoke positively about the experience. Senior 
Sacoyia Bennett said of the session: "This was a good experience and I hope this event continues for everybody after me can learn about the neighborhood they live in like I learned about mine."