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Friday, March 9, 2018

High School Living Well Team Visits Wilkins Primary

by: Tajiley Blye   Grade 12

On Thursday February 22, The Woodland Hills Jr. Sr. High School’s, Living Well Team hosted a “Family Living Well Night” at Wilkins Primary School.

The purpose of the event was to help the younger students form lifelong healthy habits in a fun environment.

There were seven “Stations” that the students could visit. Students sampled a variety of apples and vote on which was their favorite.

They played a game called “Strong Food/ Weak Food” where they could place foods into categories of foods healthy for them and foods that aren’t too good for them. There was also a game where they could look under a black light where they were able to look at the germs on their hand, then again after washing-germs all gone!

Students did a sunscreen experiment to see how skin is affected with and without it.

Jump roping for your heart was enjoyed along with line dancing.

Once students had their “Passports” stamped from all the stations they receive “Game On – Living Well Healthy Challenge” Tee- shirts. Little to say we all had a great time.