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Monday, April 10, 2017

Wilkins Hosts Pastries with People We Love

by Chardae Seligsohn

Pastries with People We Love at Wilkins Primary was a Title I event planned by our Parent Involvement Committee.  Students' family members were invited to enjoy delicious pastries, fruit, and drinks with their students and were treated to songs/poems/dances performed by the students in each grade level! Over 125 family members joined us in showing why Wilkins Primary cares about our family members! Here’s what a few of our Wilkins Primary staff and parents had to say:
 “The Pastries with People we Love was a huge success! Everyone was smiling and enjoying their time together. All adults are so important to the success of each child and we were thrilled with our first event! We can't wait to host another opportunity and create more happy memories for our wonderful Wilkins school family.-Dr. Livingston, Principal
 “We had 126 parents attend today's Pastries With People We Love event. There was a Title One presentation and all grades did a student performance that consisted of songs, dance, and poetry. Parents and students enjoyed delicious pastries, fruit, yogurt, and beverages. It was a perfect, parental involvement day planned by the parental involvement committeeGena Eremia, Lauren Pritchard, Cliff Moncreif, Deneen Davis, Ken Trusky, and Lisa Harris.” -Lisa Harris, Teacher
 “My daughter enjoyed preparing for the performance the week before the event.  Every day she would come home and tell me that she got to go to Ms. Harris' room and practice a big surprise for us to see.  The songs and poems were so cute and it was great to meet some of her friends and their parents.”-Jessica Reed, Parent  
“What an awesome exciting morning! I am so proud of everyone! Mr. White and Mrs. Harris did a nice job planning the student performances. I love seeing and chatting with the Wilkins Primary Families. I can’t believe how many people were in attendance. I think we need to have more family events like this at Wilkins. The teachers and students did a great job! I was impressed!”- Charade Seligsohn, Parent

To see a video of the event, please click here: