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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PAWSitively Woodland Hills: Elementary Schools Implement Positive Behavior Reiforcement

by Marty Sharp

WHSD is dedicated to the development of each student’s potential, both academic and social, within a positive learning environment. This is an on-going process built on the foundation of positive relationships between school and home. Classrooms create a shared set of expectations, rules, and practices based on the strengths and needs of individual students. Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) have been adopted as a mandatory component of our Discipline Code.

WHSD Wolverines follow the “5 P’s”:
We are Prompt, we are on time to school and to class.
We are Prepared, we are ready to learn and come to class with all materials.
We are Polite, we use our manners and speak respectfully to staff and peers.
We are Productive, we participate in class, do our work, and try our best.
We are Proud, we take pride in ourselves, our work, and our school.

Each school in has developed specific behavior expectations for each of the following: Hallway, Cafeteria, Bathroom, Bus, and Recess. Individual teachers/classes create their own classroom expectations.

Paw cards are used to acknowledge displays of expectations throughout the building. Paw cards are collected by classroom teachers or kept by individual students. Each week/month, students “shop” at the PAWSMART or PAWSTORE and exchange their paws for prizes and school supplies. All faculty and staff are encouraged to acknowledge displays of expected student behaviors.
The Golden Spatula is a recognition program in the cafeteria when students follow expectations at lunchtime. Classrooms and/or tables earn stickers for their behavior each lunch period, the table with the best behavior that day gets the honor of taking the Golden Spatula back to their classroom and they get to eat first the following day. In addition, the class whose chart fills up first earns a special treat at lunch.
The student of the month in another way we acknowledge students who exemplify our 5 P’s behavior expectations. Teachers select a student from their classroom each month based on the that month’s character education theme or expectation. These students are honored with a certificate a reward party which changes each month; such as a Wii dance party, technology time (Kindles, Osmos, and puzzles) homemade breakfast and so much more.

Woodland Hills RTI Staff will attend the PBIS Conference in Hershey and present this video to the Film Festival there: