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Monday, April 3, 2017

Edgewood Kindergarten Explores a Busy Pond

By R. Frederick, J.Liberati, and L. Walter

Kindergarten at Edgewood Primary is excited to be participating in The Busy Pond Project.  Due to the generosity of the WH Foundation in past years, Kindergarten students in Ms. Walter, Mrs. Frederick, and Ms. Liberati’s classes will have the opportunity this year to become scientific observers and master gardeners!  In the fall and winter the children met and studied a toad, fish, mice, a turtle, Madagascar hissing cockroaches, a tarantula, and bearded dragons.  We hatched a monarch butterfly from a chrysalis and sent her on her way after learning about the monarch butterflies’ great migration.  Each animal afforded us the opportunity to diagram its anatomy and to learn about its habitat and diet. The pets that stay in our classrooms help us learn responsibility and compassion.  In the spring we are looking forward to working in our Kindergarten native plant garden while studying bees.  In anticipation of this activity, we are making our own dirt!  Using the leftover fruits and vegetables from a school-sponsored grant, we are composting in the classroom using a worm farm.   We will also hatch a variety of insects as well as a mystery pond inhabitant while completing an extensive unit on oviparous creatures.

Students learn about caring for all creatures with classroom pets

Ms. Fifi and Ms. Ginger

Kindergarten Students learn about Composting