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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Autism Awareness Month: April in Woodland Hills

by Jamie Glasser

Woodland Hills School District is proud to have a strong system of services for students who have special education needs, including students with Autism. When a student with Autism Spectrum Disorder is identified or comes to Woodland Hills School District, we have a broad panoply of services available to ensure that the child receives the education that is his or her right. In Woodland Hills, "All Means All".

Whether a student requires an educational environment that is smaller and more supportive, offered in our full-time autistic support classrooms, or can engage in the larger school environment with support, WHSD can meet that need, and does, for students throughout the district at all grade levels.

During Autism Awareness Month this April, classrooms and students throughout the District are celebrating with special lessons and projects. At Wilkins Elementary, Mrs. Rutkai's Autistic Support class made snack cups with special meaning.
One of the snack cups made by Mrs. Rutkai's class
The tag on the treat cup reads, "Every piece of candy is different. Every puzzle piece is different. Every child is unique and different." The cups are a great reminder of the way that all children learn, and our obligation to meet all students where they are so that we can raise them up.

Autism Awareness activities will continue throughout April.

Thank you to all in WHSD who work to ensure that the needs of special education students are met, and thank to parents and families who entrust us with the education of your children.

Jamie Glasser is a member of the Woodland Hills School Board.